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Vision Statement



“A transformed Ellison ACC will be the leading destination for ambulatory care in the Sacramento area, with spaces that promote patient-centered care, staff satisfaction, and support our research and teaching mission.”


Project Scope

Below is a summary of the project scope organized by deliverable type. Click any box to go directly to that section of the website. For a full record of the official project scope download a PDF.

Service Line





Research Tours

Forecasting & Analytics

Planning &


Facilities Assessments

Ambulatory Clinics Master Plan

In 2018, UC Davis Health retained NBBJ to provide a master plan for on-campus ambulatory care clinics. The findings of that project have a big impact on the programming work. See the full project, see the adjacent slide show for an executive summary, or download a PDF.



Guiding Principles


Below are the guiding principles for this project developed with the Steering Committee. For a full record of the project Guiding Principles download a PDF.

Patient Centered

Patient Satisfaction

  1. Clinic planning and design will reflect best patient experience and efficiency.

  2. Provide and create a safe, secure, comfortable, and soothing environment to promote a positive healing experience for patients and their families.

  3. Provide access to advanced academic level medical care to the region and beyond.

  4. Engage the voices of patients and their families in planning and design.

  5. Create optimal planning concepts that enhance the patient experience, program identities, and ease of wayfinding.

  6. Space needs to be affordable, functional, clean and efficient to enhance specialty care and patient centricity.​

Communicate & Collaborate

Staff Satisfaction

  1. Create space to support team-based care to foster collaboration, effectiveness, and innovation.

  2. Support the teaching mission of UCDH.

  3. Create a work environment that attracts and supports high performing faculty and teams including multi-functional workspace, natural light, virtual collaboration, lean practices, and affordable food options.

  4. Utilize evidence-based design to create a healing environment, reduce stress, prevent medical errors and infections, and improve patient and staff satisfaction.​

Operational Efficiency

Improved Productivity & Outcomes

  1. Create efficient environments for patient care staff, educators, and students.

  2. Optimize the seven healthcare flows in the determination of program adjacencies for functional and operational efficiencies.

  3. Maximize fixed assets to decrease operating and capital costs, reduce variation, and ensure care is delivered in the most appropriate setting.

  4. New clinic exam rooms will be developed with flexibility to accommodate a range of specialty services; universal clinic module.​

Stand the Test of Time

Future Proof

  1. Provide future sustainability, flexibility, and adaptability.

  2. Provide flexible and enduring facilities that position UCDH as a leader in delivery of highly technical and complex acute care.

  3. Create agile care delivery models and facilities that utilize lean planning principles.

  4. Maximize clinical spaces by minimizing staff spaces; faculty offices will move out as remodel happens.


Fiscally Responsible

  1. Ensure facility planning is based on a sustainable capital investment.

  2. Leverage existing programs, infrastructure, technology, and other assets to eliminate redundancy and to create the right balance for the future.

  3. Hours of operation will be tailored and standarized to accommodate patient expectations, make better use of technology and facilities, and lower overall facility construction and operational fixed costs.




From the guiding principles, we have developed these guardrails to frame and guide our workshops. As we think together about future clinic states, lets keep in mind that the ACC will:

  • Support patient-centered care, a collaborative staff work environment, and our mission as a research and teaching facility.

  • Provide spaces that are flexible and accommodate for growth.

  • Integrate technology to enhance the patient experience.

  • Centralize or distribute certain services with cross-trained staff as needed to promote efficient system-wide operations with a focus on patient and staff satisfaction.

  • Not exceed our budget.

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